This project is my humble attempt at portraying the essence and spirit of the surreal Icelandic landscape - sometimes pure poetry with a touch of magic. Sometimes vast, tantalizing desolation, raw or sublime: Food for imagination, and life- sustaining for my inspirational muse.

I enjoy the solitude of this landscape, and prefer to visit the islands interior landscape during the off- season to ensure little distractions from other travelers. Experiencing this kind of pure solitude for up to a month at a time gives plenty of room for inner dialogue with the angels and demons of my own personality. A catharsis that hopefully has given birth to some decent photographs.
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Rune Werner Molnes has always loved exploring the alpine regions of Sunnmøre, and started photographing this magnificent mountain region in 2004. "I find solace in the timeless beauty of these majestic mountains. In these areas you can find peace of mind, and the perfect setting for contemplation without negative distraction." In the wake of Statnetts recent announcement of their plans for a gigantic power line cutting through these areas, his photographic endeavor took on the form of a conservationist art project. Proceed to project gallery >